Sander Timmer is a PhD candidate at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and Cambridge University specialised in Big Data Biology.

In Ewan Birney‘s team I am working on understanding genetic variation on both molecular and whole body phenotypes. To this extend I’m working on the following projects:

  • With the Molecular Cardiology MRC department at London to obtain robust measurements of the Human skeleton phenotypes and Human heart phenotypes from MRI scans using Machine Learning approaches.
  • With several labs from the ENCODE scale-up group (Jason Lieb, Greg Crawford and Vishy Iyer) working on genome wide associations on heritable chromatin signatures (cQTL) measured using FAIRE-chip. The reconstruction of the Human Epigenome by the integration of chromatin status, transcription factor binding and gene expression. Using System Genetics to determine the effect of genotypes on the epigenome.
  • With Richard Durbin and Vishy Iyer working on heritable transcription factor binding  measured using CTCF-seq. My part mainly focus on CTCF to CTCF loops and CTCF on the X-Chromosome.

Visit my EBI homepage or Cambridge homepage for further information or check my projects page.

Extracurricular activities

In my free time I’m rowing for my college Clare Hall. I am active as social officer for the boat club. As college representative for the Cambridge Union Society I take part in promoting CUS events and evaluating debates and speaker events.

Professional interests

Big data, biomarker discovery, business strategy, complex biological networks, data mingling, data visualisation, epigenetics, market potential, medical genetics, mobile applications, molecular biology, new technologies, next generation sequencing, online marketing, open access, open data, open source, patents, personalised medicine, science into business, start-ups, usability and web applications.