How several SNPs determine the effect of your workout

How several SNPs determine the effect of your workout

Interesting find in in the following paper ( they found out that there are 11 SNPs that can predict how much your VO2max is increased when doing exercise.

The found that these 11 SNPs are capable of explaining 23% of the variance measurable for gain of VO2max for people doing exercise. Soon enough there will be a genetic test available to test yourself (though most SNPs are also in the common +23andMe genotypes, so if you're a bit geeky you can find out yourself with this more common commercial genotype service!).

For the people in the UK (or people with a UK VPN) the BBC spent some time on this topic in the latest Horizon. They also showed new types of exercise that can help you getting the health benefits of sporting in a fraction of the time you'd spent right now (like 3 minutes per week!), which sounds really similar to Tabata workouts.

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Horizon: 2011-2012: The Truth About Exercise

Horizon: 2011-2012: The Truth About Exercise
Uncovering research that has the power to make us all live longer and healthier lives.

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7 Replies to “How several SNPs determine the effect of your workout”

  1. That is even pretty high for such a variable phenotype in my opinion. But indeed in the program it's far more black and white while at best it goes go light gray…

  2. you right of course, 23% is still a major effect, but I wonder how much predictive value it has especially in light of the comments by the scientists. Still, that's just details, it's the principle that counts(!)

  3. A significative correlation published in a single paper is like a droplet in the sea (or perhaps in a bathtub). Until those results aren't reproduced in other independent studies you'd better take this with a grain of salt.

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