AzureSMR: handle your Azure subscription with R

AzureSMR: handle your Azure subscription with R

Great new package for the people that use Microsoft Azure as their platform of choice and love R. With AzureSMR you are capable to handle the following services:

  • Azure Blob: List, Read and Write to Blob Services
  • Azure Resources: List, Create and Delete Azure Resource. Deploy ARM templates.
  • Azure VM: List, Start and Stop Azure VMs
  • Azure HDI: List and Scale Azure HDInsight Clusters
  • Azure Hive: Run Hive queries against a HDInsight Cluster
  • Azure Spark: List and create Spark jobs/Sessions against a HDInsight Cluster(Livy)

Install it from your interactive shell:

#Install devtools
if(!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")



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